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As an Interior Designer & Stylist Kelle has created her own unique style which she describes as Raw, Coastal, Luxe. By focussing on this niche aesthetic and working closely with her clients, weaving their own individuality into their homes and collaborating to create a space that is functional and truly represents each client is what Kelle loves the most.

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Habitat & Beyond is a full service Interior Design studio working closely both with residential and commercial clients. Kelle’s zone of brilliance is styling and finding the right furniture and accessories to create rooms that flow and are functional, whilst bringing unexpected and unique elements in to a space to create something unforgettable.



"At Habitat + Beyond I am dedicated to creating rooms for memories to be made in. A place for your family to chill, play, dream and grow."



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Decorating your home can be an overwhelming task so during your initial consultation I will assess your property / house plans and we will discuss your project requirements in detail. Together we will establish your individual requirements for the space, the function of the room/s, discuss possible layout options, aesthetics, your must-haves, your wish list and your budget. This one-on-one time will give you confidence on how we will bring your dream project to life - taking the pressure off and putting your mind at ease.

Design Plan and Concept

After our initial consultation I will prepare a detailed Design Plan and Scope of Works including all the furniture and decor suggestions. We will then organise a time to meet again and we will sit down together and go through the concept so you can envision the design. Once you have signed off on the final design I will get to work organising and ordering your selections. I will keep in close contact with you throughout the process and then we will lock in the day/s for installation.

Installation Day

This is the day (or days!) that you have been waiting for. I will arrange with you to deliver, install and style all of your new pieces to your home with my team. From assembling furniture, hanging art work and window furnishings to ensuring each space is finished with great attention to detail you can leave me to take care of everything so you can just enjoy the final result - hassle free!

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I would love to chat more about your project. The best way to get in touch is to email me:

Please give me some background information about your project, including proposed start date and any questions that you have and I will get back to you shortly!